Make The Most Out Of Autumn With A Cleanup

Autumn Leaves
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Let’s face it; many of us like to contemplate not having anything productive to do when there’s actually a huge task staring blankly right at us. Trust us, we know how you feel, and a lot of people are guilty of this too. But, if you’re ready to get up and at it with something productive during this autumn season. Now is the best time for a full-blown yard cleanup!

Leaves Are Everywhere

The number one reason, autumn turns the leaves yellow, and they start falling off the branches one by one. Sure, it may look beautiful the first couple of times, but once you notice the pile of mess that starts to gather at the bottom, the beauty immediately fades away. And all you’re left with is leaves everywhere, and your yard looking like a druid from middle earth created a leafstorm on the front lawn.

They Look Annoying

There’s just no excuse or poetic justice that can be given to scattered leaves, and the bottom line is they look annoying and drag down the curb appeal of your house. So it’s a lose-lose situation if you don’t clean now.

Some Plants Might Be Wilting Away

Secondly, all those flowers and plants you’ve invested your time in are at an increased risk of drying up and wilting away during this autumn season. Sure, you might’ve enjoyed the luxury of lawn design throughout summer and spring, but fall can quickly take that away! And if you’re not quick enough, you run the risk of starting all over again.

  • Ruins The Appeal Of Your Flower Beds: Flower beds are amazing and blossom their grace during spring, but if a couple of plants wilt away during the autumn season, this can immediately ruin the appeal. Instead of bright and beautiful colors, your flower beds start looking like a fallout barren wasteland.
  • You Can Still Save Them: Yes, you read that right, and if you manage to move them to a more controlled environment with shade, it’s easy to nurse them back to health. So now’s not the time to slack off on your gardening skills.

Winter is Coming

When snow befalls your abode, your settlement will have zero opportunity to clean, and if you don’t want to deal with an even bigger mess by the time spring rolls around, then autumn is your only chance to clean up. A lot of yard work during winter is more about maintenance and snow removal, and if you have unattended leaves sprinkled into the mix, you’ll get more demotivated to clean. So best clean it now than suffer later!

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So What Should You Do?

Here’s the bottom line; you need to clean. In fact, we all do, and to get you started on what the yard needs, here’s a quick checklist of things you need to get done before it’s too late.

#1 Mow The Lawn One Last Time

If the grass has been unkempt for a long while now, you should take this opportunity to mow it one last time before winter comes rushing in right around the corner. And apart from the cosmetic benefits of having a more beautiful and orderly looking lawn, this also helps keep pests away and discourage the growth of weeds.

Of course, before you get into mowing the lawn, ensure that rake up all the leaves into one place, put them all into bags, and properly dispose of them. Yard maintenance can get pretty tricky with fallen leaves everywhere, so it’s best to have them out of sight and out of mind.

#2 Pressure Clean The Pavement

Fallen leaves and the natural effect of the climate can lead to a lot of deep-seated dirt, debris, and staining on your pavement and driveway. And leaving them on for an extended period over the course of fall can make it much harder to clean them during the springtime. So we suggest that you take out the pressure cleaner and give your pavement a good power wash.

Plus, if you can get your hands on a surface cleaner attachment, that will make cleaning much easier and more manageable and getting all the work done in about half the time.

#3 Do Maintenance Check Around The House

Last but not least, with many leaves falling everywhere, getting into places, and clogging up things it shouldn’t be, make sure to do a maintenance check around the house. They may seem harmless at first, but once they start messing up your gutters and drains, you’ll start to think otherwise. Especially with the gutters, water damage can cause them to deteriorate, so you might want to consider getting a gutter guard system.

Verdict: Get To Cleaning!

In conclusion, the number one piece of advice for this fall season in quarantine is to get to cleaning because you won’t ever get the chance to have this amount of free time for personal projects ever again. So take a gander at being productive and heed our advice to make your lawn look fresh.

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