Budget-Friendly Tricks on Upgrading Your Home Theater Room

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Most home theater design ideas you find on the internet assume you’re building from scratch and working with an architect. But what if you want to upgrade your current setup without breaking the bank? Don’t fret. We’re here to offer a few simple tricks to help you create a great home theater on a budget.

Get a budget soundbar

The easiest way to improve your existing home entertainment room is to upgrade your speakers. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do so. You can save a lot from getting budget soundbars. One example is the smart soundbar from Roku with a price that starts at $180. It sounds great for its price; reviewers say that dialogue from this soundbar sounds crisp and clear. And it’s easy to set up. As long as your TV has an HMDI port, you can plug it in, connect it with your Wi-Fi, and start using it.

Getting a soundbar will quickly improve the sound quality of your home theater setup. But to get its full benefits, make sure to place it properly. Mount it or place it on the edge of your TV table. This way, the audio reflects outward into the room, not bouncing against your TV.

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Install an affordable carpet

Wood, tile, concrete, and linoleum are not great options for floor coverings in home theater rooms. For acoustic reasons, use a plush carpet. But this kind of carpet can be expensive. So, find a way to get affordable alternatives. Perhaps, you can use that carpeting you removed from another room to expose hardwood floors. You can also hit warehouse sales and big-box home improvement stores for discounts.

Buy modern room-darkening shades

Theaters have expensive drapes for acoustic and room-darkening reasons. Recreate that look and effect using dark modern roller shades to block out light and set the perfect mood for your home theater room. Another inexpensive option is to purchase heavier curtains that are lined to keep out light easily.

Pick the right colors

Most theaters utilize colors to control the light reflecting off the screen and make the room feel larger. You can apply this idea to your home entertainment room by choosing the right combination of colors. One great idea is to paint the ceiling black, go for dark navy-blue curtains or roller shades, and have an off-white floor carpet. This color combo allows for optimal viewing and makes a dark room look bigger.

Go for a projector

If you want to replace or upgrade your TV, go for a projector instead. A projector is more affordable than a large flat-screen LED TV. You can buy a simple HD projector for around or even under $500. Plus, with this option, you’ll have a soft glow, rather than a harsh light of a television, for a great cinema experience.

With a quest for affordable gear and clever choices for window and floor coverings, you can upgrade your home theater without breaking the bank. Just use your extra money for popcorn and soda for your loved ones.

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