Modern Western Clothing for Men: Ways to Make This Style Works for You

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Western style is that classic look that many people still rock up to this day. As decades pass by, however, this fashion style has seen significant changes and variations — a natural occurrence for almost all kinds of aesthetics.

If you want this Western style to work for you, there are some guidelines you need to consider.

Ways to Rock the Look

Unless you’re planning to attend a kid’s birthday party or dress up as Woody from Toy Story for Halloween, it can be way challenging to think of smart styling ideas to make men’s cowboy boots and red handkerchiefs your go-to, everyday accessories.

But, don’t let the costume stereotype stop you from rocking this look and giving it a try. The current trend in Western style is less about dressing up and more about developing fashion’s current cravings for the utilitarian, hardwearing workwear filled with Americana.

The staples include denim, plaid shirts, and chore jackets — pieces that are easy to put on and come in practical fabrics such as suede, shearling, and corduroy. Plus, donning the Western style does not mean you have to put every single piece associated with this look all at the same time.

To make it truly wearable, start with your shirt choice or incorporate a piece of accessory into your regular, everyday look. Something subtle can still make a strong statement when worn right.

The Staple Shirt

man wearing a plain blue shirt

Like with any other fashion style, the trick is to start adding a touch of the cowboy look to your basics. Go for shirts with pearl snaps instead of buttons. In addition, you won’t have to pay particular attention to the material or pattern the shirt had. Embroidered, striped, the quintessential plaid and even plain one s can actually work.

The Must-Have Accessories

Boots, jeans, and belt combo are the pieces you should have in your closet if you truly aspire to nail this look. Also, keep at least a pair of Wranglers or any denim from a similar brand. Make sure they’re a bit longer than your regular jeans so you can bunch them up neatly around your boots.

Speaking of boots — the footwear that will truly tie the look together — your pairs should be made from materials such as eel, ostrich, elephant, or snakeskin. Finish the look off with a nice buckled belt.

It might come as a surprise, but the modern Western style had made cowboys hats an optional piece of accessory. If you do own one, be consistent and wear it on a regular basis.

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect piece, choose either a traditional straw hat or a more stylish felt hat. The best way to style it is to place the hat down with the rim upward.

Keep these basic styling ideas in mind as your starting point, and as you gradually become more comfortable with this look, you can accessorize and customize the look a bit more. The objective here is to add a subtle Western vibe to your personal style without looking like you’re wearing a cowboy costume every day. Add a bolo tie or wrap a bandanna for a nice final touch.

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