Is It Okay to Share the Bed with Your Child?

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Children need their parents in every step of their development. But is sharing a bed with them a bit too much? For some people, sharing a bed with their kids is an absolute no-no. Other parents, meanwhile, see it as an exceptional experience that they want to treasure for as long as they can.

Most parents value the time that they spend with their kids. They sometimes even feel too possessive of them that the mere thought of them growing up saddens them. But there are both benefits and consequences of having a family bed.

The truth behind having a family bed

Sleeping with your children has its pros. For one, it encourages breastfeeding by making it more convenient for mothers to breastfeed their baby. Even more, it also makes it easier for nursing mothers to synchronize their sleep cycle with their little ones. Sleeping with your babies also helps them fall asleep more quickly and even allows you to regain the closeness that you have after a long day away at work.

However, it has disadvantages, too. Children who share the same bed with their parents are at a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome compared to kids who sleep separately. That is why most experts suggest seeing what works best for the entire family, given that everyone gets a good sleep every night.

Often, parents have their baby sleep in their room then move them to their own room once their kids are ready to do so. But until what age should your children share your bed?

The right age to let kids stay in their own bedroom

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Before getting them a mattress for sale in Salt Lake City, you first need to know the right age that you should allow your children to start sleeping in their room. Experts say that from the age of 6 months onwards, babies should have already developed their sleeping pattern. Moreover, they should also learn to be independent of other external comforters such as cradling or having toys beside them.

Also, parents should agree with their children not to share beds with them as soon as they reach the schooling age. Although it will be a hard habit to break, you need to be firm with your decisions. There will be times when your kids may throw tantrums or even start manipulating you to get their way.

Although there is no prescribed age to let your children sleep in their bed, the situation will be much harder as they grow old. You will sacrifice your privacy and intimacy as a couple, which can cause tension in your relationship.

There will come a time when your children need to grow up and do things on their own. One way of teaching them about independence is by allowing them to sleep in their room. You can slowly introduce them to the idea by letting them sleep on a separate mattress in your room to reassure them that it is safe. Doing so will make it much easier for them to fall asleep on their own.

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