Paracord: What Is It Good For?

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Any person who’s into outdoor activities would do well to own a paracord. This tool is not only useful for emergencies. If you check out paracord projects online, you’ll also find several other uses for this rope.

Paracords, or parachute cords, used to be exclusive to military use during World War II. After the war, they were sold to civilians. Since then, people have been using these ropes for various reasons, from climbing mountains to pitching a tent.

Regardless of whether you’re an outdoorsman or not, a paracord is a useful tool to have. The following situations will convince you that a paracord is one cool tool.

As a belt

A paracord is long enough that you can fashion a belt out of it. If you know some knot tying tricks (if you don’t, there are many online guides for this), you can create your own paracord belt. The best part of this is that you can always adjust the length of your belt without cutting anything or making a new hole unlike with leather belts.

As a lanyard

If you have several IDs, you can use your paracords to make lanyards. In addition, since paracords can come in different colors, you can identify your IDs from a distance by using specific colors for each one.

As a grip

Paracords have good traction due to their design, which is why they are also useful as hand grips for some tools that can be slippery. If you have a hunting knife with a steel or wooden handle, for example, sometimes it can be a little slippery when wet.

The last tool you want accidentally slipping out of your grip is a knife. By using a paracord, you can minimize that risk and ensure your safety. What you can do is wrap your paracord around the handle to add traction to the grip.

As a sling

With a paracord in hand, you won’t have to worry about broken bones getting damaged further. Using your paracord, create a sling to put your arm into. This way, it won’t jostle around and you’ll be able to prevent further damage to your broken arm.

You can even use the paracord as a tourniquet if you or anyone you know is bleeding profusely. Simply make a knot above the wound. Tighten the paracord to prevent blood from seeping through the wound, and you’ve just administered first aid to an injured person.

As a rig

Different paracord

If you happen to be stranded in the forest without a proper shelter to cover you, then a paracord is your best friend in this trying time. Get a long length of rope, look for some low-lying branches, and tie them together to form a canopy.

It’s not as effective as a tent, but the leafy canopy will be enough to shield you from the pouring rain. Also, if you happen to be sleeping near a cliff, you can use the paracord to secure yourself to a rock or tree. This will prevent you from falling off while you sleep.

Whether it’s for an emergency situation or conventional use, a paracord is one of the best tools you’ll ever have. So, don’t waste time and get yours right away.

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