Pets and Dating: The Perks and Challenges of Dating When You’re a Pet Parent

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Pets add extra spice to everyone’s life. Sure, they can be a handful at times. But for pet parents and pet lovers, they are the best thing they had the privilege of having.

According to a 2018 study, up to 38.4% of U.S. households have dogs, while 25.4% have pet cats. The numbers only continue to grow each year. This gives us an idea of just how many people are in love with dogs and cats.

But no matter how great of a companion your pet may be, there are times when you can’t help but want another partner in crime. There will be times when you will want to spend the rest of your life with along with your favorite pet in the world. But since meeting your significant other sometimes require a lot of hard work, many pet parents are stressed about the dating game.

Finding a long-term partner, let alone “the one,” is no easy feat. While some people are lucky enough to meet their soulmates early, others have to go to extra lengths just to find the right partner. In some cases, some singles seek professional matchmaking services for dating.

The Advantages of Pet Parenting When Dating

Like pet parents, many singles out there are looking for dates and long-term partners who are also animal lovers like them. Some people prefer dating pet parents, knowing they already have one great thing to talk about and bond over. They value the commitment other pet parents have for being able to take great care of their own pets.

Unconditional Love

Some singles are out looking for pet parents is due to their tendency to provide unconditional love. When you are a responsible pet parent, you are likely to shower your pets with true love and devotion, which ultimately translates you being a great partner. They believe that they are likely to experience the same kind of affection, attention, and love as they have for their pets.


It can be challenging to find someone willing to commit. Most pet parents have no problem with a commitment since they have already managed to commit to their pets. Their approach to pet parenting shows their willingness to sacrifice for what they love.

Healthy Living

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Most pet parents live a healthy and active lifestyle for their pet’s sake. They know that their pets need enough exercise to burn their energy, healthy food items to stay healthy, and enough rest and sleep to get enough energy for the next day. When one is mindful of their pet’s health, they are also motivated to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


Pets can be loud, messy, and stubborn. Many people consider pet parents to be extremely patient. They admire such value and skill so much and want someone to also have great patience as their next partner.

Challenges of Dating When You Are a Pet Parent

Your pets can be a great conversation starter, especially if the person you are attracted to is also into animals. This is why some people use their pets to approach a potential mate. But while pets can help brighten up your love life, they can also be a reason why your love life is not flourishing.

Sure, you and your favorite pet’s adorable photo can be a fantastic profile picture on social and dating sites. But a study shows that women perceive men with cats as less dateable. This is even if women consider pet parents to be potential partners.

Pets can also get in the way of couples who are still in the early stage of their relationship. This is especially true if both have different pets, to begin with, or if only one is a pet lover.

Some people like animals but don’t consider themselves pet parent material. They are not ready to commit to someone who comes in a package. Some can’t stand being around animals that long, let alone suddenly assume the responsibility of a pet parent.

Some couples have big fights because of minor disagreements concerning one’s pets. This can be a small thing like letting your pet sleep on the bed or leaving trails of pee after welcoming you home. While some could work things out, others resorted to calling it quits.

The Bottom Line

Pet parenting has its many perks, one of which is increasing your chances of catching your interest’s attention. But owning a pet also has its cons. Since we all have different values, preferences, and beliefs, your next potential match may or may not appreciate the fact that you are a pet parent. The key is to make compromises, and hopefully, find someone willing to do the same so you, your date, and your pet can enjoy the dating game and even take things to the next step.

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