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They say it takes a village to raise a child, so perhaps it takes at least more than one to make sure that a child’s health is managed and maintained properly as well. In regards to their oral health, it is a huge responsibility for the parents to make sure that their teeth and gums are kept strong, clean and healthy.

Thankfully, a friendly, compassionate and approachable dentist in Navan is willing and able to answer all of the questions caregivers may have regarding the health of their child’s teeth and perhaps even their own.

Preventive oral health care is one of the key actions that can be taken to ensure a strong and healthy smile for life. With a few preventive treatments and a whole lot of education, support and guidance, patients can make sure that they are doing everything they can to make sure their teeth can remain with them for life.

Things have changed from times gone

Gone are the days where restorative care was perhaps the focal point in dentistry, where teeth were left to become badly damaged and only then was decisive action taken. These days, innovative technology and techniques are routinely used in bi-yearly investigations which means that even the smallest signs of decay or disease can be accurately identified and acted upon.

Educating both children and adults on how to care for their teeth properly does enable healthier teeth and the accessibility to dental care has never been better. Professionals are eager to make sure that their patients and others in their community who are perhaps not very comfortable with visiting a dental practice are given every opportunity to maintain the health of their teeth.

Resources and support for nervous patients are available to show that professionals are non-judgemental and eager to help people do the right thing. Both patient and oral health care professionals work together to improve the quality of their smile in the ways that they both see fit.

Usually, there are several options available for treatment with the pros and cons of each procedure available for discussion. Time frames, costs and other considerations are talked through so that any concerns can be alleviated and thoughts addressed.

What are some preventive treatments available?

white teeth

A common preventive treatment that is effective at preventing cavities, in back teeth of children where hard to reach places tend to allow for a buildup of bacteria, is the application of a sealant that fills in the deep grooves that are found in the back molars.

This treatment will last for several years and when it begins to chip and wear away, it can simply be replaced again. For when those new adult teeth come through and young children are still finding it difficult to correctly clean their teeth, this is a great way to manage and maintain oral health.

These little helping hands are what preventive care is all about. Oral health care should not be difficult or problematic. It needs to be easy and effective for everyone, young and old so that they can enjoy their smile for years to come.

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