What major benefits come from choosing 6 Month Smiles?

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You may have heard of the 6 Month Smiles treatment and asked yourself, what is it and can it help me? This is a short term orthodontic treatment. It’s a clear or near-invisible form of treatment to provide the best possible results while detracting as little as possible from the appearance of your teeth. What is the key selling factor though? It is speed as these treatments can be super effective and help you get a result quickly, as quickly as 6 months!

6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland focus on the cosmetic aspects of your treatment by focusing on the front and most visible teeth to achieve results quickly. The treatment is always gaining popularity and 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is being offered by more and more orthodontists. So you may have spotted this treatment before but what are the benefits of choosing this treatment option. Let’s look into it in a bit more detail. The following is not a conclusive list but highlights the benefits.

They are practically invisible in design

Most will offer two different forms of treatment when it comes to short-term orthodontics. One option is clear braces on transparent fixing points that allow a very discreet brace with the traditional levels of adjustments as standard visible braces. The second is clear retainer-like braces. These second ones are custom made and fit over your teeth. Regularly changed these gradually adjust your teeth to the correct position.

With tooth-coloured wires and clear fixing points and a transparent retainer, both options offer the fantastic bonus of being practically unnoticeable even to friends and family. This allows patients who may even have put off treatment altogether to feel confident about a treatment without the potential for unsightly braces.

Fast and precise

As the name suggests 6 months is a realistic timescale for significant cosmetic teeth corrections. This is at least half the amount of time when compared to traditional courses of treatment. As has already been mentioned, this speed is not to the detriment of quality, instead, the focus is on the primarily visible parts of the mouth. So you get great results with precise care.


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While speed is a nice benefit, it is combined with effectiveness and importantly the price.

While being very effective the price is very fair in comparison with more traditional forms of treatment. This is achieved primarily by the amount of time saved in the treatment process.

Speak to your dentist about cost starting usually in the region of £1695 for a single arch. There is usually the option of repayment plans alongside this making it a very affordable option.

What are the next steps?

Talk to someone. You aren’t expected to be an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry but luckily there are people to speak to. You can discuss the full details of any treatment required and have your mind put at ease that the path you are choosing is the right one for you personally. So get in contact with your dentist now and ask about the short term orthodontic treatments available to you.

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