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Traditionally, dental clinics were limited concerning the treatments they chose to offer their patients’. Despite this lack of variety however, within the modern world of dental care, many accommodating surgeries are now embracing a variety of cosmetic procedures to not only improve aesthetics, but also massively increase a patients’ confidence!

So is Botox in Kent the right cosmetic procedure for you?

For patients’ struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, they may find themselves feeling insecure regarding their physical appearance, and may even refrain from smiling in fear of exposing their harsh lines. Luckily, these imperfections can be treated easily at a wide variety of modern dental clinics! Botox injections are not only quick and simple to administer, however they also produce effective results for patients’ worldwide.

What are the benefits of receiving Botox?

For many patients’, cosmetic procedures such as facial aesthetics may not be a treatment they believe is offered by their local dental surgery. However, many facilities are now answering the ever increasing demand for non-invasive and effective procedures to improve their patients’ physical appearance (and not forgetting their self-esteem). In addition to feeling fantastic, Botox also reeps many other benefits that many patients’ are drawn to.

A quick and easy procedure

Cosmetic facial aesthetic treatments don’t have to be long-winded! Botox injections offer patients’ the opportunity to improve the appearance of fine lines on the face, without having to resort to surgical procedures. Furthermore, Botox injections are also well known to ‘rejuvenate’ one’s appearance, thus giving them a more youthful glow!

applying botox in lips

What are the benefits of receiving this treatment from a dentist?

Many individuals may be unaware that their local surgery offers cosmetic procedure options such as Botox injections! Thus, they may also be unsure of the benefits of receiving this procedure from a dental healthcare professional. Essentially, dental specialists possess a wealth of knowledge of facial anatomy, which allows them to perform this work within a professional (and therefore safe!) manner.

How does Botox work to produce a younger looking appearance?

Within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry, dental clinics may differ regarding the type of injection they choose to offer their patients’! One extremely common (and therefore popular) example is ‘botulinum toxin type A’, an injectable aesthetic solution which works to relax the harsh lines of the face.

Learning more about your procedure

Despite Botox being of ever-increasing popularity within the field, many patients’ may still be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process, and how the injection works to dissolve their imperfections. Once the treatment is injected into the skin, the toxin works by relaxing the facial muscles which cause unwanted expression lines. The Botulinum blocks the nerve impulses which causes a smoother appearance of the skin.

Which areas of the face can be treated?

Cosmetic procedures are constantly advancing, which means these types of treatments are becoming more diverse regarding the areas they’re able to treat. In addition to ‘frown lines’ between the eyebrows, Botox is also administered to the forehead, around the mouth, and even at the upper lip!

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