Understanding the Essential Steps in Vaccine Development

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Naturally, our bodies are designed to withstand harsh environments. Not only is it able to adapt to different types of environments, but our bodies can also defend themselves from disease-causing microbes. Our immune system is one of the most critical systems since it can protect much of our body from diseases. When a specific ailment is cured, our body remembers how to combat this disease.

In certain situations, herd immunity can keep much of the population safe from diseases if a large portion of the population is now immune to diseases. However, there are times when new diseases emerge. This means that nobody is immune to many of these new diseases.

Vaccines and Testing

Fortunately, the recent advancements in medical technology have made it possible for much of the public to access vaccines. Vaccines are an effective way of giving individuals immunity against highly contagious and deadly viruses. Vaccines are so effective that they are responsible for helping with the Spanish flu of 1918.

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised many concerns. Not only has it raised concerns, but many pharmaceutical companies are racing to create a vaccine that can be effective against SARS-CoV-2. But in the first few months of these vaccines being developed, many medical experts have expressed skepticism on the effectiveness of certain vaccines that were rushed.

Most people don’t know that most vaccines go through a rigorous testing phase and development. This means that it has to go through various steps to ensure that it’s effective and safe. Many medical experts and researchers cannot rush through this process since this can put people’s lives at risk.

So why shouldn’t we be scared of vaccines? Why should you be getting one right now? Here are the main stages of vaccine development and why most are safe for use.

The Process of Vaccine Development

So what are some stages in the development of vaccines? Most organizations have to follow five main steps.

But for medical research to be effective, there should be healthy participants that can help with the investigation. Whether it’s about vaccines or medical research, various organizations actively look for healthy individuals to speed up the research process.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since you can participate in clinical trials for healthy volunteers. Not only are you helping develop a medicine that can potentially help individuals in the future, but you are also fostering better healthcare in the long run.

Here are some of the stages in simple terms:

  • Preclinical Phase

The first phase of the vaccine trial is testing out the vaccine on animals. Since the vaccine is not yet deemed ultimately “safe,” it’s not allowed to be tested on humans. Mice and monkeys are some of the most common test subjects. This is to determine the side effects of the vaccine.


  • Phase 1

The vaccine’s initial formula is then tested on a select group of individuals. This can give most researchers an idea of the possible side effects of the vaccine on humans.

  • Phase 2: Expanded Trials

As the name suggests, expanded trials delve more into the possible side effects from phase 1. However, this delves into different age groups and demographics. This way, it can give a clearer picture of how the side effects vary from one person to another.

  • Phase 3: Efficacy Trials

The number of people administered with the vaccines is now expanded and has reached thousands of people. Some volunteers are given a placebo dose. According to the FDA, in COVID-19 vaccines, a vaccine is deemed adequate if it can protect 50% of the vaccinated population.

  • Approval Phase

The approval is the last step in the process. The vaccine has always been approved by authorities during this stage and is now being distributed to the public. However, researchers still need to monitor the results.

As you can see, vaccine development and testing go through a multitude of phases. Although some individuals are hesitant about the efficacy of certain types of vaccines, it’s essential to keep in mind that researchers and medical professionals are tirelessly working on these vaccines.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that these steps are necessary for the development phase. These researchers cannot afford to skip any of these phases because they know that this can risk human lives if not properly tested. This is also one of the main reasons many experts in most industries are apprehensive about COVID-19 vaccines that have been rushed to production.

No matter the situation, it’s still essential to get your COVID-19 vaccine dose since most governments are going through different preventive measures in testing the vaccine before releasing it to the public.

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