Should You Take Your Dogs to College With You?

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Millennial pet ownership has already surpassed baby boomer pet ownership. The generation now accounts for 35% of pet ownership in the United States; a majority of them have dogs as pets. But millennials are also on their way to colleges (at least that’s how it is for the tail-end of this generation). What are they going to do with their pets? While it is easy for students to take care of their dogs when they were still living at home and in high school, the same cannot be said once they embark on their college journeys.

If you have watched Toy Story, then surely you know about how painful it is for those you leave behind once you’re off to college. They have to watch you have the time of your life while thinking about what roles they now play in your life. It’s the same with your dogs. They might think that you don’t care enough for them anymore since you’re living far from home.

But as much you would love to have your dogs with you, it is not always possible. If it’s hard to look for affordable colleges or universities, then it is harder to look for colleges that will allow pets to live with you. If they do allow it, you might have to pay for the whole room in your dormitory or you will be forced to live outside the dorms.

The real question here is if you can take care of your dogs while living your best college days? Will they be happy in the dorms waiting for you? Can you take them to class sometimes?

How Well Trained Is Your Dog?

You can easily take your dogs with you and live off-college, but how well-trained are your dogs to fend for themselves when you’re in class. Can they eat by themselves through their canisters? Is it okay for them to wait for you the whole afternoon? Or, are they going to get bored? House-trained pou’re taking your dogs is that you don’t want them to feel that you’re living them in your childhood home. The more important question, however, is if they’re going to be happy living with you. There are many ways you can make them feel that you’re not permanently gone from their lives. You can visit every weekend if it is possible. If not, you can video call your dogs through your parents’ phones.

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Will You Have Time for Them?

If you haven’t been to a year in college, then you are in for a treat. After the pandemic is over and when classes began to normalize, you’ll have the shock of your life. College might mean more freedom for you, but it also means more responsibilities. Is this really the time to take care of your dogs while you’re also pursuing your dreams? Dogs have a special bond with people. They know and understand that you being far away doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about them.

Having them stay at home might be a smarter and more practical decision. They will only feel more left out if you’re out partying at night while they wait in your room. Is that the kind of life you want for your dogs? For them to wait for you to finish hanging out with your friends?

Do You Have the Money to Care for Them?

Your parents are better financially. If you leave your dogs in your childhood home, they will be well-taken-care-of. They’ll even have a pet insurance policy as your parents will treat them like their own children. Although you love your dogs, you are not in a financial position to give them what they need. Remember that they need more than food and water. They need vaccines, vitamins, medication, activities, and many more. Are you sure you have the money for all of that or are you going to ask your parents for it?

There is no doubt that starting college is such an exciting time. If your dog is joining you in this journey, then the better, right? However, you should be practical with your choices. If your dogs are not going to be happy living in a dorm room or an apartment with 10 people or more, then rethink your decision of bringing them with you. The important thing is for them to be happy. This choice is not about you alone.

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