Simple Ways to Improve Your Respiratory Health

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If you talk to people today about healthy living, what do you think would be the first things to come to their minds?

More often than not, the subject matter would immediately shift to proper diet and exercise because that’s what we’re all led to believe healthy living is all about. Of course, we’re all aware that there’s more to it than that, but we truly believe that as long as you eat healthily and get enough exercise, you should take care of everything else.

After all, keeping your diet in check can help you avoid heart diseases, diabetes, and other sicknesses and complications brought about by the different unhealthy food we eat. We also would like to believe that exercise and maintaining the right weight helps keep our bodies healthy as it flushes out the bad stuff and builds the good stuff.

While that may be true, it is just a small part of staying healthy.

The Respiratory System

Your respiratory system acts as your body’s first line of defense against some of the nastiest sicknesses our bodies will ever know. Some respiratory diseases can be easily prevented and treated with the proper diagnosis. The most important factor regarding our respiratory health involves our family history and genetics. Outside of these things, what really compromises our respiratory health are smoking, air pollution, and obesity.

So how does one keep his or her respiratory system in great condition?

1. Stay active and fit by exercising.

Exercise, if you don’t already know, is great for your lungs. It doesn’t just tone your body and build your muscles, but it also helps your lungs function efficiently. Having a pair of strong and healthy lungs helps slow down the aging process and resist diseases to the point that even if you do develop some form of respiratory disease when you get older, it slows it down and keeps you healthier a lot longer.

2. Stop or avoid smoking at all costs.

We’ve heard it all before. Our doctors, government, the media, and almost any thinking person will tell you smoking is bad for your health. Whether you’re the one smoking like a busted car’s tailpipe or you’re exposed to second-hand smoke, tobacco smoke does nothing but bad things to your lungs, so it is highly recommended that you stay away from smoking and smokers.

3. Improve the air quality in and around your home.

Since your lungs are the major parts of your body that are directly connected with your outside environment, it can be easily compromised when you inhale germs, tobacco smoke, and other harmful substances and chemicals. Improving the quality of your air around your home can help you prevent this from happening.

Adding some plants around the home and installing a home air purification system can help significantly improve the air quality around your house.

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4. Drink lots of water.

Drinking lots of water regularly is essential. Hydration plays a great role in keeping our lungs healthy. It thins the mucus that accumulates in our lungs, thus making it easier for us to breathe.

5. Wash your hands and keep your surroundings clean.

It may be as simple as drinking plenty of water but washing your hands and keeping your environment clean reinforces your respiratory system’s health, most especially during the flu season. Being clean with your body and surroundings keeps germs, viruses, and bacteria at bay. So always wash your hands and sanitize the things you use the most, like your phone and your headsets, as you typically fiddle with them all day and take calls with them.

6. Go to your annual physical checkup.

Finally, it is essential to see your doctor every year for a full physical checkup. This gives doctors the chance to see how you’re doing physically and how your body is holding up against all the things that can adversely affect your health.

A lot of potentially serious diseases have been prevented by annual physical checkups because physicians and specialists can detect any disease symptoms early on and make the proper diagnosis. As they say, prevention is a lot better (and cheaper) than cure.

It’s great if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by watching what you eat and staying active. But for you to live healthier, you also need to pay attention to your respiratory health and do your best to protect it and not compromise it.

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