How to Turn Your Kid’s Love of LEGO into a Career

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One of the reasons LEGO is so popular among kids is because it’s a way for them to be creative and expressive. They can build whatever they imagine, and it allows them to use their imagination in a fun and constructive way. LEGO is also a way for kids to learn about engineering and physics, and it helps them develop problem-solving skills.

Whether they go on to become a professional artist, an architect, or just have fun building the things that interest them in their spare time, there are plenty of careers out there for people who love LEGO. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully, it will spark some ideas.

Potential Careers for Kids Who Love LEGO

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1) Architect

LEGO is a great way for kids to learn about architecture. They can build houses, towers, and other structures, and they can experiment with different designs. This process helps develop problem-solving skills and encourages kids to think about how designs can be improved. If your child shows an interest in architecture, talk about and show them the different types of buildings in your area. Encourage them to rebuild structures that they see in real life using blocks of LEGO.

Even if they don’t turn out to become an architect, a history of playing with LEGO can lead to careers in construction. Children have a lot of options to choose from. They can become tradespeople who have the skill to build things by hand, or they can become entrepreneurs by selling skid steer loaders and other heavy equipment.

2) Artist

Did you know that artists use LEGO to make sculptures? While a lot of people make art with LEGO for fun, some artists have even turned their hobby into a career. Don’t be discouraged by stereotypes of starving artists. Nowadays, creatives can go into professions that pay really well such as graphic design and advertising.

They can also become video game developers. Do you know that some video games are even based on LEGO? Not surprising, considering that children have been using LEGO to build their own worlds for decades. When they’re older, many kids develop a passion for playing video games. If your child has these interests, encourage them to learn how to use programs for video game development or websites that help people play online.

3) Scientist

LEGO is a really fun way for kids to learn about science. They can experiment with different designs and learn about how things work. When they’re older, they might want to become scientists! There are a lot of different kinds of careers in science. For example, some scientists study fossils and other artifacts from the past. This helps us understand how things have changed over time, and why some things have disappeared from Earth.

Other scientists study living organisms such as plants and animals to learn more about how they survive in their natural habitat. Scientists who study living organisms may go into careers such as zoology or botany.

Some other examples of scientists: Meteorologists, Biochemists, and Environmental Scientists.

4) Writer and Editor

There are so many ways to use LEGO in writing! Children can write about their favorite worlds made from LEGO bricks, or they can build imaginary worlds as models and write about those as well. When they’re older, they can use LEGO as a tool for creative writing. They can build scenes from their stories or novel chapters, then take pictures of them which they might turn into a book!

5) Inventor

Did you know that LEGO can help children become inventors? It’s true! LEGO can encourage ingenuity, which is a really important skill to have in an increasingly complex world. LEGO blocks are versatile pieces that can be transformed into whatever the child imagines. If your child loves LEGO, you might consider encouraging them to become inventors when they’re older.

6) Engineer

LEGO can help children of all ages develop their engineering skills. How does this happen? Simple! They can build whatever they want, and test it out. This process of experimentation can help them understand how things work, and improve their engineering skills in the long run.

LEGO is a great way for children to learn about fields they may be interested in when they’re older. They can experiment with different designs and learn how things work while having fun! From writing, artistry, engineering, science- it seems like there are no limits on the career paths your child might take after playing around with LEGO blocks. Which of these STEM careers did your kids want to pursue?

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