What Not to Do to Avoid Paying Extra When Moving

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Moving is one of the least convenient activities anyone can experience, and high cost makes it even more stressful. Honest long-distance moving and storage companies will not deny that their services cost thousands of dollars, which can eat into the profit from a house sale.

Since DIYing everything is a less desirable proposition, you have no better choice other than working with professional movers. But then again, there are things that you do that may inflate the overall cost of your relocation. If you are serious about minimizing your expenses without sacrificing quality and safety, avoid these mistakes:

Bringing All Items

Movers write estimates based on several factors, and the total weight of shipment and complexity of the job are two of the most notable ones. The more items you bring with you, the more things need to be packed and moved. If you want to get everything done more quickly, you may need to hire a bigger crew. Involving more professionals into the job can exhaust your budget.

No matter how much you want to keep all of your possessions, accept the fact that it is not practical to do so. You might be surprised to learn that you own lots of things you do not need.

If you have unwanted items but have yet to decide what to do with them, strongly consider storing them somewhere in the meantime. Yes, renting a storage space is not free, but doing so may be the more sensible route to take than paying pros to move things you can live without.

Using the Wrong Boxes

hand packing cardboard boxMany homeowners try to skimp on packing by reusing old boxes. This strategy may work, but there is a good chance that it will not. Without a trained eye, you may fail to spot defects or weaknesses that can result in accidents. In the end, you may avoid buying new cardboard or specialty boxes but lose some of your prized possessions.

Hiring the Lowest Bidder

The fun part of being a customer is that you get to be wooed by movers for your business. Many people gravitate toward the affordable estimates, but choosing the lowest bidder does not always equate to more significant savings.

Movers that make low-ball offers usually employ a “bait and switch” tactic. The estimate may not include the standard services traditionally expected from a moving company, so you may wind up spending more than the amount you were initially advised.

Scrutinize Estimates

To avoid bill shock, ask questions about an estimate, especially when its cost breakdown is somewhat ambiguous. Get everything in writing to protect yourself from extra fees that are not part of the agreement.

Opting Not to Negotiate

Everything is negotiable as long as you are open to making concessions. You may receive a no at first, but do not be discouraged from attempting some other time, for you may find a different representative who is more willing to listen to you.

When hiring a mover, you will generally get what you pay for. If you are a bit wiser, you can get more value out of your money in ways other customers fail to do.

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