5 Creative Patio Design Tips You Never Knew

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Everyone wishes for a comfortable, gorgeous patio where they can relax with their loved ones or their guests. Of course, elevating a dull outdoor living space to resort-level luxury does take time and effort, but it is something you can achieve once you have set your heart to it.

So how do you go about transforming your current drab patio to a fabulous destination that you never want to leave? Here are a few creative ideas you can experiment with.

Make strategic zones

Decide what you would like to include in your patio and create zones to accommodate everything. You could hire an expert designer of Stratco patios to help you out. Have areas where you will be gathering, dining and lounging, and put some comfortable furniture there for that purpose.

A shade from the sun, a large dining table and some chairs are all you need to create the perfect spot for an excellent seasonal meal with your friends.

Maximise your space

If you have a smaller outdoor living space, make the most of it by including several features. You could have a multipurpose garden that has lounge furniture and a built-in kitchen unit complete with a fire pit, grill, and so on.

The great thing with a smaller outdoor space is that people notice all the details. Just make sure that you have invested in quality by opting for excellent surfaces, planters and woodwork.

Choose great lighting

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For many people, lighting comes as an afterthought. However, there is hardly a better way to create the perfect ambience for backyard entertaining than creative lighting. That is why you need to plan what lighting you are going to use from the very beginning when designing your patio.

By using a combination of lanterns, planters, lit cubes and string lights, you can ensure that your backyard transitions from day to night flawlessly.

Opt for plants rather than grass

While a well-manicured lawn does have a great place when it comes to landscaping, there is a lot of maintenance required to maintain the look. Think about the regular watering, weeding, pest control and mowing required.

That is why choosing plants, which are generally low-maintenance, is a smart choice. Go for plants that do well throughout the year if you can find them. Incorporate seasonal plants as well.

Consider adding storage

A shed in your garden where you can store some of your important stuff is a great idea. If you have a garden, then you will definitely need a place to keep your garden tools so you can easily access them whenever you want to.

You also need a place to keep your cushions, somewhere other than your house where they may be an obstacle. If you do not want to build a shed, consider excavating under the decks to create room for storage.

Creating an inviting patio does not have to be an impossible affair. With just a little creativity, you can transform a dull outdoor living space into a paradise that you and your guests want to spend time in.

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