Allergic to Dust: Cleaning the House without Triggering a Runny Nose

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It’s not your fault your nose is one of the most sensitive in Utah. You’ve tried dealing with it in various ways, but there’s no escaping triggers like dust when the air you breathe is practically doused with it. Try as you might make a cleaner environment of your home; it’s just impossible how badly your allergy is triggered during every attempt.

If this is the case, it’s high time to think of long-term alternative solutions.

Hire Help

It’s understandable why you’ve refrained from hiring help until the very last moment. Letting a stranger roam your house and handle your possessions can induce paranoia. This shouldn’t be the case if you go to a reputable company instead of individuals recommended by friends. Consider a house-cleaning service with good reviews and low prices.

If you’re not a particularly messy person, you can go for weekly cleaning. The thoroughness with which professionals go over every nook and cranny in your house will drastically reduce the dust you’ll deal with when you do your daily chores. It’s easier to dismiss the cost when you consider how much less you’re spending on antihistamines.

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Switch Furniture

Do you know that there are surfaces that gather more dust than others? Such is the case with cotton upholstery and similar material that aren’t tight-weave. You may not realize that you’ve been lounging on the very trigger to your allergies because it’s conducive to particles and dust mites.

Switching to furniture with leather or vinyl surfaces can have an amazing effect on your health. Since you’ve already started, you might as well go all the way and replace your bed sheets and curtains as well. Do away with drapes and use cotton ones instead. Love blinds? You’ll be glad to know they’re good for allergy-sufferers. Just make sure to go for faux wood, vertical, and roller blonds instead of the accordion-pleated type to avoid mites.

Improve Ventilation

Sometimes, it’s not that there are abnormally large amounts of dust entering your house. The problem is that they can’t get out.

Improving your air ventilation should solve this problem. When there’s enough fresh air circulating in your home, the pollutants will be regularly washed out. You can start by opening the windows in high-traffic areas like the living room and bedrooms. Turn on the vent in your kitchen and bathrooms, too, because they’re also areas prone to mites and other pests.

If your allergies often act up at night and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, purchase an air purifier. Go for ones that make less noise, occupy less space, and come with additional features such as pink noise (used for blocking out background noise) or night light.

Make sure to clean the filters of your AC system and purifiers regularly, though, or else they could end up causing more harm than good.

Your Health Comes First

Pursuing alternative methods of keeping your house dust-free might cost a bit, but they’re surely less expensive than the medical treatments you’ll need when your allergies get worse. Put your health first because a compromised one is always harder to remedy.

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