Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Water Sprinkler

Water sprinkler watering the grass
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Investing in a water sprinkler is essential for those who have yards to maintain. A water sprinkler is a convenient and easier way to water the lawn and your other plants within your property. However, water sprinklers may also be prone to damage due to long-time or improper usage.

In such cases, there are sprinkler repair companies in Draper, Utah, if that’s where you are based. Nonetheless, it is important to keep your water sprinkler in its best shape. Unless, you can water your entire yard manually using a hose — that is if you have all the time in the world to do that every day.

It only makes sense to take care of your yard and keep it green and healthy at all times. That will only be possible if you have a full-functional water sprinkler. But you should check out these following signs that it’s time to repair your garden sprinkler.

1. You notice some parts of the yard that are not watered evenly.
There might be parts of your garden that has formed puddles of water while another section is dry. This may probably because one part of the sprinkler may be broken or has some blockage on the sprinkler head. It might be time to repair or change your water sprinkler.

2. There is irregular, less or no water flow at all.
Imagine how annoying it can be if you are taking a shower with low water pressure.  The same applies to water sprinklers. If cannot serve its purpose of providing precious water to your yard if it spews low, or none at all, water pressure.

3. You have exorbitant water bill these past few months.
If you do not remember showering for hours or doing a lot of laundry last month yet your water bill is ridiculously high, your water sprinkler may be the culprit. To be sure, have your sprinkler checked by sprinkler repair personnel.

Water sprinkler maintenance tips

Water sprinkler spraying water over grass

Regular water sprinkler maintenance will help conserve water. At the same time, it will save you money and time from manually watering your plants and spending on frequent repairs.

With proper maintenance and care, you can utilize your water sprinkler and enhance your yard’s lush appearance for many years. Experts recommend using built-in or pulsating water sprinklers to water the yard. This type of sprinkler is more efficient.

Unlike oscillating sprinklers, pulsating sprinklers are designed to fit into a garden hose and shoot water in a horizontal direction. In effect, it distributes water evenly in all directions and is not affected by evaporation and wind.

However, oscillating water sprinklers are often recommended for new grass lawns. Apparently, water lands more softly on the ground when oscillating sprinklers are used. Also, it is recommended to water soil at least once a week, depending on the type of soil.

For example, clay soils should be watered at least once a week. On the other hand, sandy soils should be watered twice or thrice a week. Make sure not to overwater the yard as it can affect the plant’s growth and health.

These are only some tips in proper water sprinkler use, care, and maintenance. This gardening tool can help a lot of homeowners have a healthy-looking lawn and backyard.

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