Best Ways to Prevent Insect Damage on Your Tree

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Opportunistic insects are some of the most common causes of tree damage. Aside from causing unsightly visual damage, these pests can also affect your tree’s integrity and health from the inside.

The best way to prevent insects from damaging your trees is through proper maintenance. Here are the best methods you can use:

1. Regular inspection

Inspect your tree for any signs of disease or infestation. If you spot things like chewed up leaves, dead branches, and the insects themselves crawling around your tree, call for professional ISA service in Salt Lake City (or wherever your locality is) as soon as possible. Early detection and pest control are the keys to keeping pests from causing more damage and potentially harming the tree.

2. Choose the right tree

Some tree species are more susceptible to pests than others, so as much as possible, avoid planting these trees in your yard. Alternatively, choose pest-resistant varieties that are bred to repel pests.

If you can’t invest much time in taking care of a tree, it’s advisable to choose a low-maintenance variety that thrives with little care.

3. Plant properly

Preventing tree pests starts during planting. Plant the tree in the best place based on its needs for moisture, sunlight, and soil type. In this way, tree stress can be avoided, which can greatly reduce the chances of opportunistic pests from taking advantage of your tree’s weakness.

In addition, make sure that the tree has enough space around it for optimal root growth. Avoid planting trees near structures and cemented pathways so that it can get all the sunlight and nutrients it needs from the soil.

4. Frequent pruning

Trim and prune your trees regularly to promote good airflow within the leaves and branches. Use shears that are free from dirt and corrosion (clean and lubricate them properly). Pick up any rotten fruits and leaves on the ground to avoid the spread of potential diseases that may be present in the organic matter. If you don’t know how to trim a tree, ask your local arborist to do it for you.

Tree trimming5. Water properly

Keep your tree hydrated all-year-round to ensure that your tree stays healthy and not prone to pests. If a tree does not get enough moisture, the stress can make it more susceptible to insects and diseases.

6. Fertilize as needed

Since dead leaves are swept away before they can nourish the soil, trees on residential properties need additional sources of nutrition. Fertilize and mulch as needed to provide enough nutrients and retain moisture in the soil. In very dry weather, you can also use an anti-desiccant spray to help trees retain water so you won’t have to hydrate them as frequently.

Insects are notorious for damaging and even killing trees, often causing decades of growth to go down the drain. To avoid pests from taking advantage of your tree, keep these methods in mind and make it a habit to check your tree regularly for signs of damage. When the problem is out of your capacity, don’t hesitate to call a trusted arborist to take care of the tree for you.

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