Coating Alternatives for Decks

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One joy of becoming a property owner is relaxing on your deck. Most people assume that decks and patios are the same. Even so, decks are open raised outdoor platforms that have no roofs and extend from your house. Patios are paved areas located on the ground and roofed for protection from weather elements. They are more costly to build compared to decks.

With decks being left open, the wood used for their floors is prone to damage from weather elements. As such, a waterproof deck floor covering is essential for the durability and optimal performance of the floor. This not only protects the floor from water damage but also shields it from a range of environmental elements. The following are the coating options available for deck floors.

Solid Stains

These are heavily pigmented coatings that will not penetrate the deck.  They instead only cover the surface as paint would. There are different solid stains for wood decks on the market. While some will only protect the floor from water damage, others also protect it from the damage caused by UV rays. Solid stains come in broad color ranges that will allow the personalization of your deck’s color. The stains might, however, chip over time more so when exposed to heavy traffic and furniture because they only sit on the surface.

Semi-Solid Stains

These allow for some transparency that will showcase the beauty of the wood used for your deck. The stains will penetrate your deck to some extent and generate a waterproof seal for it. Semi-solid stains offer a higher level of protection against UV rays compared to solid stains. There is a semi-transparent variant of these stains that will deeply penetrate the wood and provide optimal protection from UV rays, water, and cold.

Fluoropolymer Coatings

These are polymer resins that generate complete UV ray protection and waterproofing for decks. The key element that, however, makes fluoropolymer coatings stand out from other options is their ability to prevent fungal and bacterial infiltration and rust.  This makes it an ideal choice for decks that have metal support components under them. Fluoropolymer deck coatings are nonetheless often more costly compared to other alternatives.

Specialty Paints

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Most people assume that painting your deck will only boost its aesthetic value. Specialty paints used for decks will, however, also play a crucial role in the protection of your deck from environmental elements. Most of these paints are made of 100% acrylic. They primarily avert cracks that commonly occur because of temperature variations. You can get slip-resistant paint that is slightly texturized for decks around pool areas and hot tubs. Mildew-resistant paint also suffices for areas exposed to a lot of moisture.

Before the installation of the above coatings, optimal surface preparation is essential. This might mean the use of a power washer and some detergent to rid your surface of contaminants that will affect the adherence of a coating. Even so, check your manufacturer’s guidelines on any preparation elements that might affect the performance of a coating.

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