Commonly Neglected Areas That Can Lead to Costly Repairs

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Maintaining a clean and safe home is possible, but it is not always easy. While you cannot foresee or avert every repair, you can commit to undertaking regular maintenance. Keeping your property in perfect shape ensures your family is safe and prevents costly repairs. Whether you are selling your home soon or not, you need to pay attention to these areas to maintain your home’s structural integrity.

1. Roofing System

It is easy to forget to inspect your roof when everything seems okay. However, this is the best time to ensure the roof is in good shape and every shingle intact. There are many reasons you should inspect your roof. First, roofs experience normal aging and weathering, leading to scratches, holes, and weaknesses. As you examine your kitchen and bathroom, remember to check the roof as well.

Storm damage is the other common reason you should inspect your roof regularly. Regions experiencing hailstorms and severe winds require inspection whenever there are storms. When neglected, storm damage could trigger emergency repairs, which could be more expensive.

2. Internal and External Doors

Doors are critical elements of any property. You may need to inspect, repair, and replace the door when necessary. This is a good idea both for aesthetics and for security reasons. If you decide to replace the doors, check out quality barn doors and choose the ones that match your aesthetic and security needs.

For the main entries, it would be best to go for weather-resistant and thermal control doors. They are available in various options that could open up to the splendor of your courtyard. Whichever doors you need to replace, remember to consider the durability and quality of the materials.

3. Drainage System

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The old drainage and sewer pipes can be a ticking time bomb. A sewer backup is the last thing you want to imagine, and it could occur whenever the main wastewater line bursts. Make it a habit to inspect your sewer lines at least once a year. It is a simple exercise that could help you avoid costly home repairs.

Tree roots could damage sewer lines. Therefore, you should avoid growing trees, such as bougainvillea, fig-trees, and bamboo along the sewer line. If you have trees around your property, you will need regular inspections and maintenance. Your plumbing contractor will caution you when you have plants likely to compromise the integrity of your sewer system.

4. Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts could trap leaves and debris over time. When it happens, rainwater doesn’t drain properly and could lead to water damage. Regular cleaning ensures the gutters allow free flow of clean water.

Filled-up downspouts are perfect breeding sites for rodents and pests. The pests could lead to uncontrollable infestations. Routine gutter cleaning also averts roof damage, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Failure to address simple issues could reduce home value and lead to costly repairs. Overlooking any warning signs often leads to permanent damage. To avoid getting into deeper problems, pay attention to these and other parts of your home.

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