Family and Health: Creating a Family-friendly Kitchen

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One of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy family relationship is cooking and eating together. Your family will have the time to bond, share, and work as one despite your busy schedules with school and work. At the same time, your little ones can learn more practical and soft skills from following recipes, preparing food, and cooking techniques.

But for your family to have fun and healthy mealtimes, you need to create a kitchen first to suit that lifestyle. Not sure where to start? We’ve made it easier for you with this guide. Below are simple ways on how you can create a family-friendly kitchen space.

Check your plumbing system

One of the most vital parts of any home or structure is the plumbing. And if you think leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and broken pipes are nothing but an inconvenience, these problems can also cause health hazards to your family, particularly in your water. If you’re living in a single-family house, you’re typically responsible for keeping your plumbing system in order.

However, if your family is living in a rental space, you need to let the owner or your landlord know about any leaking toilet or poor water pressure. They will typically arrange the plumbing work or pipe replacement needed by finding the right contractor. After all, they’re the one who actually knows that type of plumbing system installed in your residential building or space.

Consider a double-basin sink

Another way to keep your kitchen in a healthy, family-friendly state is by installing a double-basin sink. Keep in mind, though, that this might require an installation of new pipes, so that’s another expense to take note of. A double-basin sink is perfect for keeping those dishes accompanied. After all, not everything will be handled by your dishwasher. With a double-basin sink, you can wash your dishes on one side and air dry them on the other. Others also opt to use one side for food preparation while the other side is used for stacking dirty utensils and dishes.

kitchen island with seats

Build an island with seating

If you want to make your kitchen a more livable and engaging space for your family, you can install a kitchen island. It provides you with more storage opportunities with its pull-out shelves and drawers, as well as more counter space for preparing your food. You can have a kitchen island with an extra sink or burner or install appliances such as a dishwasher and microwave in it. Other island additions to make the space more family-friendly include a beverage refrigerator and stovetop.

A kitchen island is also a perfect way to flawlessly add seating in the space. By placing some tall chairs or stools, your family can have a natural gathering place and a space to have casual dinners and quick breakfasts.

Choose soft-close cabinet doors

The kid’s safety is one of the biggest concerns for parents. A good hack to make the kitchen a safe place for your little ones is by installing soft-close cabinet doors. This is an amazing way to avoid those cute fingers from getting slammed or pinched in the cabinet door. At the same time, your cabinet doors are less likely to suffer from wear and tear from the multiple heavy closes. That means you also get to save money and time from getting new cabinetry every several months or so.

Installing soft-close hinges is also a perfect solution if you don’t want to hear constant loud slams of the cabinet doors. With soft-close cabinet doors, you could have a safe and quiet kitchen space while saving a few bucks. Just be sure to choose ones made with easy-to-clean fabrics or materials.

Create an activity area for kids

Among the reasons why most parents hesitate to involve their kids in cooking meals are the possible mess and danger. The perfect solution? Build a dedicated activity area for your little one. You can use a low and accessible countertop or table where the kids can work on. You can also have the lower cabinets’ doors removed and install your kids cooking tools. By having their own activity area in the kitchen, the kids will be more excited and focused on their tasks at hand. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them messing around.

By creating a family-friendly kitchen, you can encourage healthier mealtimes in your home without much hassle. Involve your family members in all your kitchen work to strengthen your relationships and start maintaining a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Don’t forget to pair these tips with good food choices to complete that healthy kitchen environment.

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