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Aside from wearing face masks and shields, the biggest measure people can take to prevent the spread of covid-19 is isolation. By avoiding areas where large groups of people congregate, the virus can be somewhat kept at bay. Sadly, this is not as easy as it sounds. People still need to go to work, take public transportation, buy groceries, and visit the doctor. They also need to do exercise and finds ways to stay in shape.

But how can they do it? How can they go to the gym and do exercise while wearing a mask? How can they sweat and take showers while isolating themselves and maintaining strict personal hygiene standards? One answer is by giving up gym exercise altogether and focusing on outdoor activities like jogging and biking.

Yet, this is not what most people want to do. After all, exercise is not a luxury but rather a necessity. It not only helps us with our bodies but also gives us a positive outlook on life.

A better option is to take advantage of the time you are stuck at home to continue exercising and staying healthy. The best way to do this is by setting up a home gym. Before doing so, there are certain aspects to keep in mind:

Floors and Walls

Perhaps the most important part of a home gym or any gym for that matter is the floor. A gym floor has to be durable. It has to be strong enough to handle the pressures placed on it by weightlifting equipment and explosive exercises like jumping or squats. It also has to be water-resistant. Over time, large quantities of perspiration, water, and other hydration drinks will cause cracks and other damage types.

Thus, it’s important to strengthen the floor on which the gym will be. Examples of this are using reinforced materials and concrete sealers made of urethane. They last the longest and are the most resistant. The same goes for walls and other impact areas.

Exercise Equipment

You can spend as little or as much as you want on home exercise equipment. There is no rule on this. However, consider the following:

  • A well-equipped gym includes areas for both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. It also has a space to breathe, rest, and recover.
  • Whenever possible, use free weights instead of machines. They are not only cheaper but also provide a balanced workout for both sides of your body. Also, there is a much wider range of exercises you can do.
  • Instead of buying a treadmill, get a multi-functional cardio machine. Home gyms are about maximizing space and efficiency.
  • All you need for a suitable rest area is enough space for a yoga mat.
  • Invest in a mirror or two. They help you maintain proper form when doing exercise and serve as a motivational tool to see the progress you’re making.

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Adequate Ventilation Systems

Another essential aspect of a home gym is having proper ventilation. There are several reasons for this. First, breathing dirty air is not healthy. Second, the air that doesn’t flow and is always in the same location will become stale and make you dizzy.

As a result, it’s important to have an air purifier, an air conditioning system, and at least one or two windows on opposite sides. These measures will make your workout much more comfortable, safer, and more effective.

Having a home gym is a great way to burn those extra calories, stay in shape, and relieve stress. It is especially true during a pandemic, a time when people can’t go outside, and there is little to do at home except for watching TV and eating.

Before building one in your garage or a room in your house, be mindful of floors and walls, do research on equipment, and make sure your home exercise facility has the requisite ventilation. It will ensure you have a fun, productive workout any time you choose to.

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