How to Cut Your Energy Bills at Little to No Cost

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Electricity bills make for a substantial portion of the recurring bills. With the ever-increasing number of appliances at home, the energy bill will likely get out of control if you do not take the right steps to lower it. Most people are spending more time at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic and consuming lots of power. This article looks at some ways you can cut your energy bills without too much sacrifice.

Wash Large Loads

When washing your clothes or dishes, load your dishwasher or washing machine with the maximum load it can hold. Most of the appliances will use the same amount of energy for a fraction of the load as they do with the full load. Therefore, you may consider spacing the period between washing cycles so that you clean large loads at once. This way, you will save on energy with fewer washing cycles.

Turn off the AC if not around

Air conditioning takes a substantial portion of your energy bill. Therefore, it should only be turned on when there is someone at home. If using a central air conditioning system, consider installing a thermostat in each room so that you can shut it down when no one is in the room. Likewise, if you will be out of home for extended periods, consider shutting the AC or setting it to 78 degrees, which is the optimal temperature.

Shut and Unplug

It is a general rule that you should shut down any appliance that is not in use. However, most appliances continue to draw some power even when switched off or on standby mode. Consider switching off the main socket or unplugging the devices. You can keep away devices that you do not use regularly.

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Go for Energy Efficient Lighting

The traditional filament bulbs draw lots of power to heat the filament. This can quickly increase your energy bill, especially if you need several bulbs to light up your home. You may pick one of the LED ceiling panel lights options in the market for medium to large rooms. Led panel lights are bright and energy-efficient. Besides, it is important to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms or the yard, when no one is out at night. You may also dim lights in your living room when concentrating on your PC or the TV.

Do the Energy Intensive Tasks at Night

There are various energy-intensive jobs, such as washing clothes, baking, and pumping water from a borehole. If you live in an area where the night-time tariff is lower than the day tariff, consider completing these tasks at night. Given that they are regular tasks, a small drop in energy costs per task will quickly grow to substantial savings.

Saving on Energy Consumption Lowers Your Cost of Living

The energy bill accounts for a substantial portion of your monthly bill. By taking several steps to lower your energy consumption, you can lower your monthly recurring bill and use the cash for other requirements. Avoid wasting power when completing various tasks and reduce consumption where possible.

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