In-home Entertainment Options for Your Family During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has left us bored and out of our minds. However, it can also be quite hard to alleviate this boredom without renovations.

Many Americans have invested in various in-home entertainment options to ensure that their family won’t be bored while weathering the pandemic. Some of these options are unique to each family, but some are in-trend. One particular in-home entertainment that has received a ridiculous increase during the pandemic is in-ground swimming pools.

Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are getting all the attention during the pandemic. Recent data has shown that there has been a 23% increase in the building of inground swimming pools. It’s a staggering 533% increase in the last few years, an increase that no one has ever expected, considering that swimming pools are a costly investment. However, there must be a reason for this trend, right?

There are many reasons why a swimming pool is the chosen renovation during this pandemic. One of the reasons is that a swimming pool is an excellent investment and one that helps increase home value and makes the home a lot more attractive. This is essential for anyone planning to sell their home in the future.

Another reason is the hotter summers we’ve been experiencing lately. Global warming and climate change are changing temperatures in the US, and what’s a better way to cool off under the summer sun than a dip in cold waters? It’s also a fun exercise for everyone to do.

The last and most prevalent reason many people are building swimming pools in their homes is that public pools are now left inaccessible during the pandemic. Public pools played a significant role in alleviating the need for individual swimming pools, but because the pandemic has left many of these pools closed, people are missing social and physical activities. So they’ve resorted to building a pool in their backyard, and considering the other two reasons above, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Getting an inground swimming pool is quite expensive, but it can be worth it an investment for you, given that you can utilize it alongside your family. You’re going to need a licensed general contractor to do this job for you. They can give you various design choices and more efficient ways to build your swimming pool.

Home Theater

The next most coveted renovation during this year is a home theater. Many families have been planning this out for years, and the pandemic has made it the appropriate time to get a home theater.

A home theater can give your families various options. The most obvious choice is that you can have movie night every night with your family, which sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. The next option is to have a better gaming experience during the pandemic. Considering that there’s been an increase in gamers in the last few years, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding other players online.

Home theaters are one of the best renovations to have during this pandemic. It can undoubtedly remove any boredom you and your family might have this year.


An increasing number of Americans are growing overweight or obese during the pandemic. New data have shown that 16 states have reached an obesity rate of 35% and higher. This is one of the highest rates these states have ever received, primarily because of the current pandemic.

Stress levels are much higher because of the current circumstances. This stress can lead to a lot of inactivity. On top of that, gyms are forced to close because of quarantines protocols in various states. These things are the main reasons why many people are growing more obese every day.

The main solution for this is to build an in-home gym this year. This is another hot in-home entertainment for many families and one that can help families stay healthy and entertained at the same time. However, much like a swimming pool, an in-home gym can be quite an expensive investment.

But this depends on what you want in your in-home gym. You don’t need quality equipment like weights, but you do need some equipment for cardiovascular exercises such as a treadmill or a stationary bike. You can also invest in gym mats to do meditation and other relaxing exercises.

Art Room

The last of the best in-home entertainments during the pandemic is arts and crafts, and where’s a better place to do this than an art room?

An art room is one of the easiest renovations you can make. You only need to convert an unused room using various art materials and tools. It all depends on your preferences. Arts and crafts can be a fun activity to do with your kids, making this an essential renovation for those with children.

In-home entertainment is essential during this pandemic, so we don’t end up dying of boredom. By doing these renovations, you can ensure that you’ll never be bored during this pandemic ever again.

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