Keeping Your Kids and Pets Safe and Happy in Your Own Backyard

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The past year hasn’t been kind to children and pets. While adults can explain to themselves that it was necessary to isolate their families from the rest of the population because of the pandemic, kids and pets don’t have that deep understanding of what’s happening yet. Sure, they were fine during the first few months of not running around the block and seeing their friends. Slowly, they got bored and moody. That’s the result of being cooped up too long inside the house.

While health experts recommend letting the kids and pets breathe in the fresh air, so they don’t suffer from mental problems, this isn’t easy for parents who are trying to juggle both work and household work. If you haven’t already, you need to turn your yard or lawn into a space that your kids and pets will love to spend time in. These are some practical ideas on how to transform your yard:

Do Some Landscaping

The first thing you have to do is ensure your yard has that clean turf of grass the kids and pets will love to tumble in. If you are worried about the maintenance of real grass, you can choose to install artificial turf. This is akin to real grass. It also feels almost the same. Your kids and pets won’t know the difference between real and artificial, though it is important to be honest with them. The best thing about is that your pets cannot dig through it and ruin whatever plants or shrubberies you have. You can still have real plants on the borders of your property, but not in the main area where the kids and pets will stay.

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Go for a Swimming Pool

Kids and pets love to swim. Installing a real pool, of course, is expensive. You can go for an above-the-ground pool instead. There are plenty of options now, and you can even install them yourself. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to install, it’s a breeze to maintain, too. You can add chlorine balls and powder, so you can reuse the water. It’s also important to get a cover for the pool. Remember to drain it during the winter season because you don’t want the water to turn into ice. That will break the material of the pool.

Install Good Lighting

Most of the time, your kids and pets don’t need fancy pools to enjoy themselves. They just need a yard where they can run around and tumble. That being said, it is important to install good lighting that will allow you to see your kids and pets even if they stray too far from the deck or porch. Aside from that, you will also prevent accidents and injuries because your kids can see the path well.

Start a Playground

You can also start a little playground similar to the public parks you used to visit. For example, a trampoline is a great way for the kids to spend their energies on. You can add a slide, swing, and see-saw, too. If you can afford it, get someone to build your kids the tree house they’ve been meaning to ask from you. Or, you can do it yourself and turn that into a bonding experience with the kids.

Grow People- and Pet-friendly Plants

Look, one thing that kids and pets have in common is that they love to put things in their mouths. While it is important to keep an eye on your kids when you let them walk around the yard, it’s also important to make sure they won’t accidentally try to lick or put in their mouths poisonous plants and flowers. Keep your plants pet- and people-friendly. Daffodils, lilies, and irises can be poisonous or at the very least, it can cause an upset stomach in kids.

Secure the Outdoor Space

A lot of things are happening in the world right now. It isn’t as it used to be. Kids can’t safely go to public parks and play there without parents fearing that predators are watching their kids. Install a fence around your house not only to stop your kids from venturing into the streets but also to prevent prying eyes from spying on your family. Make sure it is secured and anchored, so your kids can’t jump over it and your pets can’t dig under it.

Protecting your family from harm is the first priority. Next to that, you have to make sure they are thriving amid such uncertainties around them. Make your home a haven, a sanctuary for them during these turbulent times.

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