Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home During COVID-19

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With the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, all the more parents are concerned with their kids’ safety. Although most of us now are staying inside the comforts of our own home does not mean we are safe. Most accidents involving children happen in the confines of their home.

Data from the U.S. National and Safety Council (NSC) showed that falls, vehicular accidents, accidental poisoning, and choking are the top causes of unintentional death in the country. With this in mind, there are 6 easiest ways to keep your kids safe from harm and danger.

Wear Seat Belts

Buckling up your seat belt can make a difference between life and death. Accordingly, vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death among people ages 1 to 33. Thus, make sure you and your kids wear your seatbelts when going out for a ride.

Use Child Safety Seats

According to statistics, using a child safety seat helps lessen the risk of fatal injuries of kids below 1-year-old by up to 70 percent. To optimize safety, the car seat should be placed in the middle of the back seat. Furthermore, it is a federal law that children should be in a car seat when going on for a drive.

Store Medicine and Cleaning Products Away

Since children are at home more than usual during this time, parents should all the more be cautious. Small children just love to put things in their mouths, so make sure to store them safely, away from children’s reach and any medicine and cleaning products.

Furthermore, proper disposal of these items should be observed for your family’s safety.

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Practice Frequent Handwashing

The simple act of handwashing goes a long way in protecting your kids from any threat of illness and disease. Teach your kids the value of frequently washing their hands by being an example. Wash your hands with them while singing a “Happy Birthday” song to make it a more fun activity.

Aside from that, if you need to bring your kids out in the public, make sure you have enough stock of hand sanitizers, wet tissues, and facemask with you. Sanitize your and your kids’ hands after handling grocery carts and other items. Practice as well as physical distancing from other people.

Watch Doors and Windows

According to a study from the Journal of Pediatrics, children ages 1 to 3 years old have the highest likelihood of falling from windows. Thus, parents should consider childproofing their windows as soon as their small children learn to crawl.

Furthermore, since kids are inherently curious, you should also opt to childproof your doors. Not only will this deter your kids from going outside, but also accessing rooms where they are not allowed. Apart from securing your front and back door, have your garage door repaired as well.

Embrace Smart Home Technology

Investing in an automated home system has a lot of perks. This includes ensuring the safety and protection of your whole family. With nanny cams, you can keep a watchful eye on your children’s activity even when you are at the office or traveling for work.

Also, with a smart home security system, you can control their access to entertainment content. Nowadays, there are plenty of predators only, and we only want to keep our kids safe from these bad elements. Although having an automated home can be pricey, the money you spend is all worth it in the end.

Although the prospect of vaccine availability is evident, we should not take chances of risking the health and safety of our children. By practicing these tips, we can ensure that our kids stay protected.

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