Essential Ideas for Choosing and Styling a Chic Kitchen Island

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A stylish and functional kitchen island is one of the markers of a contemporary home. It instantly makes a kitchen appear more modern and up-to-the-minute, it provides additional seating, storage, and space for preparing dishes, and it’s wonderful for entertaining guests. Just take a look at cooking shows from 2021, and you can tell that it’s out with a regular table and in with a gorgeous and functional island.

If you love the idea of installing a kitchen island but don’t know where and how to start, here are some essential pointers for you to remember.

Know the different types

The first step to your kitchen island journey is to know the different types and which one will look best for your current home. Here are the various kinds of kitchen islands and what types of houses they look best in:

  • Rolling carts, which are portable areas where home cooks can do their preps and store some supplies. They are often smaller, so they can be easily moved around as necessary.
  • Small and non-portable, which cannot be rolled or moved away and are smaller than a regular-sized island.
  • An island table, which is exactly as it sounds. It’s just a table with four legs and a flat top that home cooks use to prepare food.
  • A base cabinet with a countertop, which is the most common and modern type of island. This type is usually built-in and made of more durable materials like marble and sealed with concrete so that it’s easier to clean and can last for a long time.
  • A fully functional kitchen island, which means it’s equipped with a sink and perhaps a dishwasher.
  • An island for eating and cooking, which includes adding at least two tiers so that it can be space for preparing the food and sharing meals.

Some homeowners would opt for two types, like Selena Gomez’s kitchen, where she has a base cabinet with a countertop and a fully functional one beside it. It all depends on your needs as a home cook, your budget, and the size of your kitchen.

List down what you need the island for

Not all types and sizes of kitchen islands are created equal. To choose the one you will make the most use out of, you need to list down the primary ways you’re going to use it the most. For example, do you like baking? Then you might need more room for mise en place. Do you have kids who love hanging around with you while you’re cooking or prepping their meals or lunchboxes? Then make sure they can comfortably sit on the stools. Understanding your lifestyle and present and future needs will help ensure that you will find and style the best island for you and your family.

Be careful with proportions

Now that you’ve decided which type of island you want to invest in, it’s time to correctly measure your kitchen. Here are some things you need to carefully consider when having an island built into your space:

  • The fit to traffic flow must be comfortable. Here’s a rule of thumb: You need to have at least 36 to 48 inches of space on all sides so that foot traffic is properly and comfortably accommodated.
  • If the island will serve as an informal dining area, make sure there are at least 24 inches of width for one person. Adequate legroom should also be taken into consideration, so add a clearance of at least 9 to 18 inches between the bottom of the island and a person’s knees.

A massive kitchen island is indeed gorgeous and convenient, but only if you have the square footage for one. Don’t neglect proper spacing and proportions if you want to keep your kitchen comfortable for everybody. Aside from size, you also need to consider the shape of your kitchen, so if it’s more on the rectangular side, then your island needs to be a bit rectangular as well.

Make openness a priority

When it comes to interiors, you want to ensure that you’re creating the illusion of more space, especially if your kitchen is on the dimmer and smaller side. You might benefit from adding some open shelves below and adding some detailed legs to trick the eyes into thinking that the kitchen is bigger than it is.

A kitchen island is a worthwhile investment for homeowners who want to modernize their houses and foster deeper connections with their family members. When planning your dream house, don’t neglect this essential part of the home.

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