7 Fundamentals About Designing a Baby Room You Didn’t Know About

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Setting up a nursery is easily one of the most exciting home projects there is. A bare room is a great opportunity to start from scratch and build the room all the way up. Although this sounds like a lot of work, look at the silver lining. This is a great opportunity to lay out the basic essentials properly and without much problem.

Many sources online provide interior inspiration and storage advice. But for now, let’s cover the practical features worth adding to a nursery. Other than a baby monitor, these will ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

Not sure with which essential basics to add to the nursery? There’s probably a lot to choose from. To save you from decision fatigue, here’s a list to help you get started on the project:

Light Control

Babies’ senses can easily become overwhelmed, which can be an uncomfortable experience for them. It takes time for babies’ vision to improve before they are able to open their eyes fully. However, low light is a little easier for their eyes. That’s why they’re more likely to open their eyes when lights are dim. To help them ease into things better, consider installing a dimmer light switch in the nursery.  Dimmer switches change the intensity of light in the room, which makes for great light control.

A Smoke Detector

Sometimes, a baby monitor isn’t enough. To maximize safety, have a smoke alarm installed in the nursery too. Although the nursery is easily the most safeguarded room in the house, it’s recommended to have a smoke detector too. In fact, every bedroom should have a smoke detector. This way, should there be immediate danger in any room, most especially the baby’s,  it’s crucial and time-sensitive to be notified right away.

Window Guards

Speaking of safety might as well add window guards for the windows too. These serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Window guards can come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can have them custom-made or store-bought, depending on the size of the window. Once installed, they keep your child safe without sacrificing the natural light and air from coming through. Moreover, it’s a great deterrent from burglars.

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Mosquito and Fly Screens

Another feature worth adding to the window is a mosquito and fly screen. This will prevent any mosquitoes, flies, and any other unwanted pest from entering the nursery. Usually, these screens can be installed to a window in multiple ways. Its installation can be casement style, two-panel style, and more.


It’s time for easily the favorite part of putting together a nursery: furniture! Buying furniture for the nursery is like buying new toilets, they’re essential, yet they keep the room true to its purpose. The crib, changing table, and nursing chair are the essential pieces of furniture to have in a nursery. To prevent the risk of not having these fit through the bedroom doors, put the furniture together in the room.

Needless to say, the clean-up afterward should be thorough. Be sure to vacuum the floor and keep a sharp eye on spare screws and nails as these are choking hazards.


Another easy favorite is the nursery decor. However, try to keep it to a minimum. Some picture frames on the wall and a rug would probably be enough. Having many things in the room other than the essentials will most probably contribute to the clutter. Remember that the nurser will soon become a high traffic area, so expect that the room will have days when it looks cluttered.

Keep Things Versatile

A practical yet smart tip to have in mind is to keep the nursery flexible enough to be transitional for the child’s childhood, preteens, and teenage years. Stick to neutral elements as much as you can. Later on, when your child is able to make choices on their own and have a distinct preference, it allows them the freedom to revamp their room with greater ease. Besides, we’re way past the traditional color assignments of blue for boys and pink for girls.

When it comes to setting up a nursery, the first thing that comes to mind is a crib and a changing cabinet. Surely, there’s more to it than that. In able to make it a well-rounded nursery, it shouldn’t just provide the necessities to take care of a newborn. It should also provide safety and comfort, among other things. After all, it’s a space where your child will spend time as they grow up.

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