Getting More Projects: Business Development for Fit-out Contractors

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The commercial fit-out business might have seen minor growth, but competition is also on the rise. Your company might have a tougher time today participating in the tendering stage. Other businesses employ more aggressive tactics, and projects are also likely to be fewer.

What could you do to gain an edge for your project proposals and win new business?

Review Your Operational Requirements

An internal review of your processes identifies opportunities for changes or improvements. A priority could be team management. The proficiency of employees, as with all businesses, is critical to the success of your fit-out company.

Look into the capacity of your team, their skills, and training in finishing projects. This should include an analysis of your key employees’ spatial knowledge and design expertise. Your review can also uncover the need for better tools and technology in helping your team carry out tasks.

Next, examine your approach to client management. An understanding of your clients’ needs and their liabilities is critical; so is communication. You might know the brief by heart, but you might not see another project if your client isn’t informed well at every stage. A good experience, from solicitation and reporting through expectation management and follow up, can be a good argument for approving your next tendering document.

Establish and Maintain Quality Control

How you run your company will affect what sort of projects you deliver. Another critical factor to tendering success is consistent quality. And procurement plays a crucial role in making sure every interior feature looks good and functions well.

You need to vet vendors for materials, from significant items, like custom windows and specialized flooring, to accessories, like expanding glue for wood pieces and screws. Every material contributes to the overall look of your fit-out project, and the quality of those materials ensures safe and durable interiors.

Here’s where you’ll need to balance value with cost because as many fit-out contractors have realized, prices have gone up. Higher rates add to the cost of the project you’re bidding for, and to sacrifice your bid could mean a cut in your profit.


It’s critical to work with the right vendors who might be willing to negotiate on prices. You could also look into alternative sources for materials to obtain savings.

Inspect Fit-outs Before Handover

A small detail could be overlooked with a quick inspection. And that unintentional slip up could cost you your next project. Make sure to go over every space or every room before the handover to the client.

A thorough inspection allows you to confirm that all works defined in your contract have been accomplished. From the finishes to the architectural features, go over everything.

Finally, ensure systematic and accurate documentation of your projects. A record of the fit-out, from communications with the client and management of the site to coordination with other trades involved in the job, will provide actionable data for your next project.

Your business might be dealing with increased competition in the commercial fit-out industry. With fewer projects and higher bids, you’ll need every advantage you can get. And a thorough look at how you do your projects could help you gain an edge.

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