Hacks to Survive the Winter Without Using a Heater at Home

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Unless you’re living in the Southern portions of the United States, expect a cold, cold winter to greet you every morning. Yup, you heard that right. National Weather Service just forecast warmer days for the lower states. So what remains to be seen is if you’re ready for the sweater weather. Be aware that the unforgiving cold can exact a huge toll on your body. Experts detail how winter has been a bane for Americans, taking lives more than any season.

Then you might be curious. Would you be able to survive the winter without using cranking your heater at home? This is a hypothetical question. You need not put yourself into miserable living. But the answer could surprise you. What’s more, it could show you how you could minimize your electric bills. And that can’t be a bad thing.

The Importance of Heat During Winter

Let’s face it. We shouldn’t get into any misconceptions. For one, there’s no doubt you need heat this winter, as you may be aware by now. The cold indeed kills.

Past data should tell us. CDC shows the peak of winter in America, from December to February, claims an average of 8,478 lives daily in 2017. That’s a lot more than those who succumbed during the summer months.

Experts point out many of these deaths are caused by the cold itself. As our body experiences cold, our body systems go south, malfunction. The heart and the nervous system, for instance, can go into a “state of shock.” If unabated, hypothermia follows, then death.

Now, the traditional way to get that at home is to crank up the heater.

Unfortunately, that comes with a price tag. The amount you’d have to spend each month depends on the kind of fuel your heater is running on. Worse, things could add up as the weather worsens.

Experts believe households using natural gas to heat will spend an extra $69 this winter compared to the last. Those using electricity to heat will roughly have a similar amount. Now, if you’re using oil, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. You could add over $200 extra to your heating bills.

What this means is your bills could certainly add up.

Heating Your Home sans a Heater


Getting warm at home without using a heater is definitely spot on given all the expenses. But how do you do it?

A good place to start is with your ceiling fan. Know that a fan circulates air. In summer, it makes you feel cooler. It does this by pushing down the warm air that hovers up in the ceiling. The action stirs the cooler air located down. As a result, room temperatures drop.

To make your ceiling fan produce heat, you need to reverse the action. Just reverse the direction of the fan to do that. Set it to spin clockwise. In effect, those blades pull cooler air up while putting warm air down. Over time, the room is filled with more heat.

If you’re having trouble with warming yourself at the bed. You can try an old-fashioned trick: soapstone. Yes, we’re talking about the soapstone that is used in countertops and kitchen sinks. Put it under the blankets and leave it for some time. Soapstones are heat magnets so the more it is heated the more it keeps the heat in.

Then again, if you’re serious about not using a heater, you must look closely into your building materials. The trick is to stick to materials that conduct heat well during the winter months. That way, heat is not lost.

For instance, you can talk to flooring companies about the merits of hardwood floors. Not only does such a flooring look good on your abode, but it also holds heat well. Plus, it doesn’t react to changes in temperature. On the other end, a cheaper option could be laminate.

Moreover, you need to plug holes in your system. This way, you can keep all the warmth from escaping outside. Doors and windows can be drafty. They can let in tons of cold air. Weatherstrip these openings. You can use adhesive foams to cover your drafty door frames. Additionally, you can use clear plastic for windows. Use your hairdryer to seal the plastic in.

Lastly, find all the heat you can get. A good one is your oven, for instance. Every time you’re baking or roasting, let the heat out. Turn off the oven but don’t close the door. Leave it open. You should find all the heat spreading through the room.

Yes, it’s possible to get warm without the heater. But you’ll have to take into full account every little thing to get the warmth level higher. It sounds like an uphill climb. But given the rise of heating bills, it may very well be worth it.

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