Ideas for Incorporating Wood into Your Bathroom

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For most people, wood and moisture are two elements that should never come in contact. This might have been true in the past and still is for some wood types. Technology has nonetheless now enabled the use of wood in wet areas. One of the common wood types used in this instance is plywood. These come in several outdoor and indoor formats that can be used in different applications. In places where the plywood will be in contact with moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, several treatments will avert its rotting or mold growth.

plywood wholesaler might recommend products that have been treated with penetrating sealers and oils, or a plastic protective layer. Interlocking membrane systems, sheet plastics, and liquid latex are also ideal for treating plywood for use in wet rooms. It is hard to resist the warmth, authenticity, and texture that wood will introduce to a room when incorporated into its overall design. In the bathroom, wood makes a perfect link of your interior space to the outdoors and creates one of the most relaxing atmospheres. The following are some ideas for including wood in your bathroom.

Hardwood Floors

These are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. Hardwood is a surprisingly strong material in humid environments when maintained and protected. On floors, one of the best finishes for wood is oil-based polyurethane. This fills the cracks between the boards and creates a waterproof seal. You can opt for some sanding and roughing treatments to improve the traction of your wooden floors.

Wooden Tub

wooden bathroom

Wood has been used in several cultures, most notably the Japanese and Scandinavian, to make bathtubs. The wood used for bathtubs is nonetheless specially selected right from the beginning, and the tree is regularly maintained. Cedar and teak are the common hardwoods used for bathtubs. After its preparation, several layers of sealant are used to protect the wood from moisture damage for a long time. Either way, keeping the tub out of direct sunlight protects it from UV rays that might cause its swelling.

Wooden Countertops

A dynamic interplay of smooth ceramic, gleaming metal fixtures, and rich wooden countertops can become amazing centerpieces for your bathroom. You can protect the wood from water splashes with Tung oil. This is a natural product used on ship hulls. It creates a water-resistant, non-toxic, and durable finish that keeps your wood counters looking good for ages. Re-oiling should be done once monthly for unfinished countertops and every five years for pre-finished counters.

Wooden Walls

Opting for wood for one of your bathroom’s walls will transform it into the centerpiece of your bathroom décor. The wall should ideally be finished with a shiny product to bounce off natural and artificial lighting and brighten your bathroom. This wall can be contrasted with a tiled or stone wall to generate a perfect look.

When incorporating any of the above ideas for your bathroom, it is essential to have sufficient ventilation. You can opt for fans or have large translucent windows on the path of the wind to maximize ventilation. This protects your wood from warping and mold or mildew growth.

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